General Library Information

Borrowing Privileges

The Library is free and open to the public. Library cards are available to people who live, work, attend school, or have health-related ties to the Grossmont Healthcare District (East County Region of San Diego). You must show picture identification and verification of your current address. Click here to see if your home address is in the Grossmont Healthcare District.

Check-Out Periods

Books 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
eBooks 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
Audiobooks 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
Medical DVDs 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
Popular Movies and Documentaries 1 week (1 renewal for an additional week)
Streaming Video 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
Fitness Kits 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
Magazines & newsletters (except current issue) 3 weeks (1 renewal for an additional 3 weeks)
Digital magazines Unlimited

Materials may be returned when the Library is closed to the outdoor book return located in front of the Library entrance.


  • Books, eBooks & Audiobooks: The Library has approximately 2,500 print books, the majority of which may be checked out by Library card holders. The Children’s Section includes over 80 books on health topics for various ages. The Library also has a growing number of ebooks and audiobooks available on OverDrive.
  • DVDs: Over 200 medical videos provide patient education on a variety of health topics. Almost 200 documentaries provide a more personalized view of health conditions. Over 500 popular movies (“Hollywood movies”) provide entertainment with a health or medical theme as part of the story.
  • Magazines and Newsletters: There are approximately 52 print magazines, newsletters, and newspapers available for use in the Library. The Library also offers access to Flipster, an online collection of magazines available via computer or mobile device.
  • Fitness Kits: There are currently 7 fitness kits available for checkout. Try out a piece of exercise equipment to see if it’s something you’d enjoy before making an investment. Try out a kettlebell, resistance bands, a Pilates ring, Tai Chi balls, hand exercisers, a stretch 0ut strap, and a foam roller.  Most kits include an exercise sheet as well as a list of corresponding Library books and DVDs  to help use the equipment. A liability waiver form needs to be signed upon checkout.
  • Anatomical Models and Charts: There are large anatomy charts and 18 models for use in the Library. The models include a full-size skeleton (his name is Mr. Bones!), acupuncture points, brain, diabetes, ear, elbow, eye, foot, hand, heart, hip, hypertension, knee, mini-torso, shoulder, teeth, thyroid disease, and vertebrae degeneration (osteoporosis). All have detailed keys that explain the parts.
  • Historical Memorabilia and Books: The Library also displays its small collection of medical memorabilia and historical medical books donated by health care professionals. Historical medical equipment and numerous medical instruments are on exhibit.

Computers and Internet

The Library has computer workstations available for free public use. All are equipped with high-speed Internet access and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The Library also offers wireless (WiFi) for personal laptops and other devices.

Copy Machine/Printer

A copy machine is available to make copies and computer printouts. The cost is $0.10 per page for black-and-white copies and $0.25 per page for color copies. Cash is the only accepted form of payment, with limited change available.

Fines & Fees

• There are no overdue fines.
• Overdue reminders will be sent by email or mail.
• Overdue items must be returned before checking out additional items.
• Lost or damaged item fee: the current price plus $10.00 processing fee (nonrefundable).
• Cash is the preferred form of payment, but checks are accepted for lost or damaged items.
• Returned check fee: $25.00

Meeting Rooms

The Library has meeting rooms that may be reserved for use by eligible health-related nonprofit organizations. Please read the Facility Use Policy and the Use of Library Rooms Policy and reserve a room using the online reservation system.

Conference Room: Small, glass-walled room with a rectangular table and eight chairs. Additional chairs may be added to accommodate up to 13 people. Room includes a TV/display monitor and a white board.

Meeting Room: Comfortable room with chairs to accommodate up to 23 people. Up to four 6 ft. long rectangular tables may be set up if needed. Room includes a TV/display monitor, DVD player, and a white board.

Study Rooms: Two small rooms with seating for up to 3 people are available on a first-come, first-served basis to individuals. Eligible health-related nonprofit organizations may reserve the room through the online reservation system.


Free parking is available in our parking lot for Library patrons and those attending meetings at the Library and the Grossmont Healthcare District Conference Center. Street parking is available along Wakarusa Street, but it is limited to two hours.

Patron Policies

For the courtesy and safety of all who use the Grossmont Healthcare District’s Health and Wellness Library, we ask that you comply with the following patron policies:

Reference and Research Services

The Library staff is trained to assist the public in finding reliable health information, using both electronic resources and the general collection. Health information packets can be requested by phone (619-825-5010), email (, or by filling out this online form by residents of the Grossmont Healthcare District. The Library staff is able to perform research for district residents which can be mailed or emailed at no charge. All of our resources are available for use in the Library by the public.

Disclaimer: The Grossmont Healthcare District’s Health & Wellness Library provides public access to a wide range of health and medical information and is not a substitute for medical advice. You are advised to consult with your physician or other health care professional concerning specific questions or to obtain medical advice.

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