Library Programs & Events

The Health & Wellness Library hosts a variety of programs and events on relevant health topics including:

  • Monthly Wellness Wednesday talks from local health professionals followed by a feature film held in the District’s Conference Center Auditorium
  • Wellness programs such as Chair Yoga, Music Storytime, and Drums Alive Music Therapy for Seniors held at the library and outdoors
  • Ongoing activities such as Crafternoon, Knit & Crochet Club, and MORE!

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Attendance priority and sign-ups vary for each program and event, please click on each event to read specific program details. We offer programs sponsored by the Grossmont Healthcare District and support our partner organizations’ events for the East County community. Contact us at or 619.825.5010 to learn more.

Artist Exhibit

Spring Art Exhibit – Robin Harris

Robin Harris, a San Diego native, was born and raised in a bustling household as the youngest of five.  Growing up, her voice often lingered in the background, seeking expression through constant doodling.  Her artistic journey commenced with drawing and painting, fueled by a deep love for art history.  Armed with a passion for visual storytelling, she earned a BA in Graphic Design from SDSU.

Life, however, took a poignant turn in 2008 when her father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease.  The profound impact of this experience led her to reach out to Alzheimer’s San Diego in 2014.  Eager to contribute, she joined as a volunteer, utilizing her photography skills and love for serving her community to shed light on the challenges faced by individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s.  Since then, her commitment to Alzheimer’s San Diego has been unwavering.

The exhibition is a culmination of years of artistic exploration, a visual narrative that transcends the canvas and captures the true essence of connection through human hands.  Robin aims to evoke the universal yearning for understanding and empathy for those suffering from this disease and to also celebrate the human spirit that persists even in the most difficult of times.