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Women’s History Month and Women’s Magazines

During this past year, people’s reliance on the Internet has grown exponentially. From Zoom work meetings and doctor’s visits to FaceTiming with friends and Skyping with family, the Internet has become an important lifeline.

It also has become a much-needed resource for people seeking support. The March 2021 issue of Women’s Health explores how nine women found—and even founded—online communities to help them work through their own health issues and provide support to others.

In the article, meet Moyna, a mom recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) who started a support group on Instagram for other MS patients of color, a demographic underrepresented in traditional support groups. And meet Fiona, who in March 2020 initiated an Instagram chat for people coming down with what seemed like a mysterious illness but turned out to be COVID-19. Switching platforms, she grew her member base to 9,000 and now covers 60 channels for people with different COVID-19 symptoms.

As another woman featured explains, “After a serious diagnosis, the ability to chat with people from all over the world, at the drop of a hat, is tremendous.”

This issue is chock-full of other important health topics, too, such as the need for doctors to take a holistic approach when visiting with their patients, and how emotional intelligence is a key ingredient in healthy relationships. Also explore a quick pasta recipe and make-ahead breakfast ideas that are good for you and easy to put together.

In honor of Women’s History Month, check out the March edition of Women’s Health—or a number of other magazines for and about women—by logging on to Flipster with your library card number.  (If you need a library card, apply online or contact the Herrick Library staff. Call 619-825-5051 or email us at info@herricklibrary.org.)

Other Magazines of Interest 

Herrick Library offers a number of magazines devoted to women’s lifestyle and leisure that are available for free through Flipster, including the following:

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Better Homes & Gardens 
  • Bicycling
  • Discover
  • Eating Well
  • Farm & Ranch Living
  • Health
  • Mindful 
  • Organic Gardening
  • Outside 
  • Oxygen
  • Parents
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Prevention
  • Shape
  • Surfer
  • Yoga


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