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Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month Books for Kids

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month and no better time to introduce children to the wonders of the human eye and how helpful wearing glasses can be.

The following books can be reserved and checked out from Herrick Library through curbside pickup:

  • Eyes by Katherine Goode: In this nonfiction book that is part of the Bodyworks series, kids can learn such fun facts as why we have eyelashes, why some people have brown eyes and others blue, and why onions make us cry. For ages 8–9 years.
  • The Doctor with an Eye for Eyes: The Story of Dr. Patricia Bath by Julia Finley Mosca: This picture book set to rhyme is a biography of Patricia Bath, an African American girl from the New York borough of Harlem who grows up loving science and, while facing obstacles, becomes a respected ophthalmologist. The verses as well as the illustrations by Daniel Rieley make the story fun as well as educational. For ages 5–10.
  • Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses by Shirley Day: Luna is a young girl who hates wearing eyeglasses but learns to appreciate her glasses after spending a day without them. With adorable illustrations by Don Morris, Luna and the Big Blur is a picture book that kids with vision problems will appreciate. An added bonus is the Note to Parents by ophthalmologist David Plotsky that offers advice to moms and dads helping their kids cope with wearing glasses. For ages 4–8.
  • Specs for Rex by Yasmeen Ismail: In this picture book, a lion named Rex loathes wearing his new glasses. He tries to hide them in every way possible until they prove to be a big help, earning him praise and a new friend. For ages 4–8.
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