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Your Heart – Is It Physical or Emotional?

Your Heart – Is It Physical or Emotional? by Susan Davis

Our heart is part of our body – an organ made up of strong muscles that constantly pump our blood to keep us alive and healthy.  But, on Valentine’s Day we think of the heart and its emotions – love, kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness.  So, which is it, blood and health, or a place where emotions live?  It is Both!

February is Heart Health Month. This month, in the Children’s Section of the Library, we celebrate both aspects of the heart and how they work together to keep each other strong.  We have children’s books and DVDs about the heart and its muscles and all the things we do to keep it physically strong – we exercise, eat healthy food, rest, control our anger, develop positive attitudes, and so on.

We also have children’s books and DVDs about keeping our emotions positive and strong with meditation, yoga, and relaxation, as well as doing fun activities with friends and family, enjoying healthy foods, and practicing kindness and generosity.

So, we see that a physically strong heart helps us be active, feel better, and therefore be more able to be kind and generous.  We also see that positive attitudes and a loving, non-anxious heart help us to be healthy and active, to enjoy and share good healthy foods, and to get the good rest that we need.

In the Children’s Section of the Library in February you will find a display of books and DVDs to help you Keep Your Heart Happy and Healthy.

We have books including

  • Meditation Is an Open Sky: Mindfulness for Kids, by Whitney Stewart
  • Doc 2 Doc: Tony & Jace Learn about the Heart, by Dale Okorodudu, M.D.
  • Listening to My Body: a guide to helping kids understand… sensations & feelings… by Gabi Garcia

We also have DVDs such as

  • Good Night Yoga: a pose-by-pose bedtime story by Mariam Gates
  • Elmo’s World: food, water, exercise by Sesame Workshop

And login to Libby to access our eBooks, such as:

There’s always something new to see at the Library and we’re always ready to help you find what you’re looking for!


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